As opposed to the common view, windows do not have to be dull. You do not have to hide them forever behind your curtains. In fact, hiding them is such a bad idea as it can only hinder the natural light. Believe it or not, you will appreciate your house more if you have a naturally lit home. If you think about it, there are many ways to spice up your windows and make them pop out. Here are some ideas to guide you and make your house look more awesome. 

Entry Door

Does your door have entry door windows surrounding it? If it does, then that’s good for you. Do you know that doors make the first impression when it comes to houses? The windows around it somewhat dictate the tone of your house’s interior. These windows also add up some drama and architectural character to your front door, which provides a smooth transition from the exterior view to the interior perspective.


Does your home have wide roofing? If so, break the monotonous tone by installing dormer windows in between. These windows provide a balancing factor in the exterior aspect of your home. The dormer windows add character to your dull wide roofing. Apart from its aesthetical benefits, it also allows more sunlight to enter your home, which also saves you a great deal of electricity.


If you think adding windows in the ground and second levels of your house decreases the level of security and privacy that you have, you can go for high windows. Add more light to your house by providing an awesome view of the clear blue skies or the swaying green leaves through the installation of skylights. Apart from the lighting and the view, the skylights can also offer ventilation for you and your family. There are certain suppliers that provide custom laminated windows that you can use for your skylights.

Window Walls

If you do not mind reducing your privacy, why not go for a window that runs from the ceiling down to the floor? Obviously, more light goes into the house with these windows due to the sense of openness that it caters. It also provides a warm and relaxing feeling wherein you can just doze off with the sun. Much more, it gives a seamless connection from your house interior to your house exterior. This is perfect for your house interior that connects to your exterior lanai area.

Stained Glass

Add more character to your house by incorporating stained glass in your windows. This will effectively add color to any dull room that you have. Since the glass is stained, your privacy will not be sacrificed. Install stained glasses and give your home a classic Victorian vibe.

Do not be afraid to show off your windows. Transparent as it may often be, but it lights up your entire house. Explore designs and be creative. Do not be hesitant to be bold in making statements with your windows. After all, it is a great head turner for a random passerby.

Spice Up Your House with These Design Ideas

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