Whether you’re expanding your home or you’ve saved up enough and decided it’s time for a pleasant change, building a custom home can be an exciting time. But also a stressful one if you don’t consider all the right factors. This is why the planning stage is by far the most important. Here are our top tips on building yourself a unique, custom home through proper planning.

Starting Simple

A pencil and paper can go a long way in identifying what you want your dream house to look like. Who needs fancy software to get things moving along? Once done you can share your ideas with Leneeva custome home builders so they can bring your vision to life. If drawing really isn’t for you, you can communicate with your team instead and have them draw it out for you.

The Future

Your home will need to include features that your future self will find handy. For example, do you plan on having children? Do you have aging parents that you’d rather not put in a home? How likely are you to house relatives or friends over consistently? Will you work from home at any point? The answers to these questions will determine how many rooms you need, the kind of spacing you need to be looking at and so on. You need to have at least a basic idea of the future when planning your home.


If you already know where the house will be located, then it’s all about working this location to your advantage and showcasing its strengths. For example, if there’s potential for a great view, you should ideally have your living room overlooking it. You’ll have to choose where you’ll want your windows to be to coordinate with the best views of the house. Likewise, identify the strengths of your land and work it to your advantage.

Outlining Flow

Your next move would be to identify the flow of your house. It’s incredibly important to consider where your rooms should be placed and how they coordinate with one another. For example, the kitchen, dining room and living room should ideally be adjoining each other. The kitchen itself should be close to an entrance (you don’t want to be lugging heavy bags of groceries throughout the house due to poor planning) and you’ll also have to keep quieter places like the bedrooms as far away from these traffic points as possible.


Natural light is great for your body and your mood so don’t forget to install plenty of windows and get your designers advice on installing light fixtures to create a soft ambiance rather than a harsh effect.


Decide on your furniture beforehand and line out the measurements of your room accordingly, else you’ll find the space to be clustered and difficult to move about in when you move in with all your belongings.

Use these tips and when it comes to interior designing simply express yourself with as little clutter as possible and you’ll have a beautiful custom home under your possession!

Top Tips For Building A Custom Home

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