For those who do not have any idea on how to maintain their lawns, doing it for the first time could be scary especially if not done right, you might end up with a dry, brown lawn that is not visually pleasing. Mowing seems easy especially in the movies where we see this chore being done by teenagers as their summer job. What these movies forget to tell us is that there is a correct time when to mow the lawn, not just when the grass looks thick enough.

The tips enumerated below would teach you when it is should you mow your lawn, how you should mow it and instructions and guidelines on how you could maintain a healthy lawn.

Mow When the Lawn Is Dry

Mowing when the grass is wet is still okay but if you want your lawn looking at its best, mow it when it is dry. If you mow your lawn when it is wet, the grass would just clump together and clog your mower. Not only will you cut your lawn unevenly, but you might also end up damaging your mower as well. The time you spent mowing your lawn might also be doubled since you have to stop mowing your lawn from time to time to remove the clumps of wet grass from your mower. It is also not recommended to mow when the soil is squelchy since there is a tendency your lawnmower’s wheels would be submerged on the soggy land and every turn of the wheel might tear up grass that is not yet supposed to be cut.

Mow the Lawn If Your Blade Is Sharp

This is a given but still, must be stated as a reminder. A dull blade would not only botch up the job of mowing your lawn, you might also end up with patches of your lawn without grass since dull blades have a tendency of ripping the grass out of the soil. Sharpening the blade is a task that should be done once after one to two months of use or when you notice the grass has brown and frayed edges after mowing.

Do Not Mow If the Grass Too Short

Mowing the grass too short or scalping it is alarming since the lawn would be susceptible to weed infestation. Once the soil is exposed to sunlight, weeds would be able to take root and thrive in your lawn. Grass that is also cut short from the outset would make the lawn damaged due to the temperature and the grass would not have time to develop deep roots making them weak and susceptible from being easily uprooted. For more information on the other disadvantages of scalping your lawn, visit the website

Mow inthe Evening

Specifically, during the early evening. Do not mow your lawn when the sun is up since high temperature stresses the grass and when the grass is stressed, it loses more water and it would take time for it to recover and grow and sprout deeper roots. And since it is advisable to mow the lawn when it is dry, the lawn would be relatively parched during the early evening since moisture from dew or fog already evaporated.

These are just some of the tips you could apply for a healthier and well-maintained lawn. Also, choose a lawnmower that is battery operated to minimize fumes and the use of gas. Wear closed shoes as well when mowing and avoid sandals and flip flops. Be also wary of children and pets when mowing to lessen the chances of accidents.

Tips fora Healthier and Well-Maintained Lawn