Paint colour is an essential factor when painting small houses since you’d want it to look more spacious. While white is the most common and obvious choice, there are still plenty of unique colours you never knew could be used in smaller spaces. Bold hues add drama and style to an area while pastel or light colours simply add a pop of colour to a plain wall.

Painting a house may look simple but it actually requires special skills to blend colours well and paint the surfaces properly. Freshen up your home’s interior by hiring residential painting services in Geelong to get the job done.


Purple is a loud colour yet it can still be used to accentuate a small room. However, there’s no need to paint all the walls purple. Just limit it to some focal point such as an entryway to accentuate it without being too overwhelming.


Grey is a perfect accent colour for small houses. Painting your home accents such as doors, cabinets, shelves, mouldings and other accents with grey makes your home look more sophisticated and modern. Be careful in using this colour since too much of it can also make a room look darker.


If you want to stay away with the traditional white paint yet still not ready to incorporate bold colours to the picture, beige is the best go to colour. You can paint it all over the walls and ceilings without overwhelming the place. It is also a neutral colour so anything complements and blends well into it.

Blue Green

If you’re aiming for a more natural and fresh look for your home interior, blue green is becoming a popular pick nowadays. Use it one well-lit areas of your home since it has a tendency to make a room look darker. Choose light and neutral accent colours such as cream, white or beige to make them pop or stand out.

Coffee Brown

This lovely shade of brown adds drama to any space in your home. Paint it on small sitting spaces for a cosier and more intimate appeal. Add furniture or accents with neutral earthy tones for a rich and calm look.

Ultra Light

Unlike the usual white, what we’re talking about here is the purest form of white with no undertones at all. White reflects all the light making your home look extra spacious and wide. Pure white looks airy and also complements almost any colour. Your furniture and home decor dictates what kind of theme or look you’re trying to achieve.


The slightest hint of pink to any room makes it look warmer and cosier without being overpowering. You can pair it with different shades of pink for a girly theme or combine it with neutral bold colors such as gray if you don’t want it to look to frilly.


Blue is definitely a relaxing and calming color which is why it is commonly used on bedroom walls. To make your room a little bit more spacious, choose lighter hues for the walls and darker ones for the accents. You may try painting the ceiling white for an airy look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these unique colors to see which one suits your preferences.

Great Interior Paint Colour Ideas for Small Houses