Whether it is having a movie night with your friends, celebrating a family birthday or even reading by yourself, the living room is one of the places you will spend most of your time at home. This is why it has to be a place that would make you feel at home and should be comfortable enough for you or any of the guests you will invite. It is also the first impression of your house any outsider will get and therefore it has to be decorated in a cosy and a welcoming way, take a look at the following tips to see how you can turn transform your living room into beautiful.

Pick the Right Colours

Colours matter. Whether you like to have light shades or darker shades, whether it is patterns you like or plain colours, you need to match and pick your colures right. You can have monochromic colour palette if you want to add calming vibe or choose complementary colours to add a little vibrancy to the place. Don’t go for all dark colours or all light colours either. Too many of dark colours can make the room look gloomy so it is better to pair your dark furniture with light walls or vice versa. Planning a colour palette before you get into the rest of the décor will help you to pick the other necessary pieces you want in your living room.

Lighting Is Important

The other part of living room decoration you need to focus on is the right kind of lighting. Lighting sometimes affect the entire mood of a place so it is important to choose them carefully. One of the common trends is to add a combination of lights; add some accent lights to highlight some decoration you have placed in the living room, ambient lights to give the room a cosy feeling and task lights whenever you want to do something like reading your favourite book. You can also make sure you get enough natural lights during the daytime. You can choose blinds or curtains at Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds and choose for a style that will help you to control the light during daytime.

Select Your Furniture

If you are redecorating your place entirely with new pieces and appliances or if this is the first time you are decorating the place, you have the chance to add any piece you like. Think of the space available in the room and the colours on your walls before you go furniture shopping. It is better if you can take the measurements of the spaces where you are planning to place your furniture. This will help you to figure out what sizes of furniture will fit well in your living room. Choose only what is necessary because too much furniture can clutter to the room giving it an unorganized image. If you are only planning to add only a few little touches to the house decoration, you can try replacing some of the oldest pieces with new ones to give the place a fresh look.

A well decorated room can make you feel right at home and can make your guests feel comfortable too. Follow these tips and you will be on the right path to creating a living room that is gorgeous. 

Decorating Tips for Your Living Room