The last thing you probably want to hear once you finally build the house of your dreams is that you’re going to face some issues with it. Unfortunately, it’s true. Nearly every new home is prone to these issues so it’s best that you learn more about them so you’re well-equipped to notice the signs as soon as possible and go about handling them as soon as possible.

Shrinkage Cracks

Usually lumber has a standard moisture content. After one heating session in the home, the lumber in the foundation loses some of its weight in moisture and therefore, the material tends to shrink! This means that the entire house tends to settle towards the centre and in the process of doing so, you’ll find diagonal cracks in the drywall nears doors and partitions. This is why you’ll often find builders offering a one year warranty on new homes- so they can repair any cracks due to this shrinking. Unfortunately, there is nothing the builder can do in advance about this situation rather than deal with the problem once it arises so as you soon as you notice any cracks, make sure to contact them.

Nail Pops

Usually as a result of shrinkage, nail popping will also occur. You’ll see this most likely near wall corners or ceilings and it’s when the head of a drywall nail protrudes out of the wall. This can be easily fixed, however, by punching the nail even deeper, applying a layer of the finishing compound over and then finish it off by sanding and repainting.

Moisture Content

During that first heating season, the house will lose a lot of its moisture. This means there will be a lot of excess moisture trapped in the building that has to get out from somewhere- else, you’ll find it condensing on the window panes, running down on to the windowsill and in the very worst scenario damaging your finish. There’s a simple solution, however, you merely need to crack a window open so that this moisture escapes! It is worth remembering though that if you notice any damp spots on the wall, that this might indicate a plumbing issue so if you ever notice any water-related issues in the house, it’s safer to contact an Endeavour Hills plumber.

Wet Basements

If water is collecting in your basement, this probably means that you have a roofing issue (most likely an improper disposal of a roof runoff). Usually proper implementation of gutters and downspouts can avoid this situation and if this isn’t done, then water will collect near the house and seep down into the foundation. If gutters simply cannot be installed, then the ground HAS to slope away from the house on all sides. Don’t forget that maintenance of gutters is incredibly important as well because you don’t want the water to overflow.

These are the 4 most common issues you will run into in your first year at your new home! Don’t fret, a few obstacles are inevitable but now that you’re aware of the problem, you’ll be able to reach a solution fast!

4 Issues to Watch Out For During the First Year of Your New Home